powder coated wood

Shapes & Contours

Powder Coated MDF finish on Waterfall edges? Cutouts? Logos? No problem.
We have the CNC technology required to prepare your MDF wood substrates in shapes and contours in almost any style you like, including waterfall edges, cutouts, and logos. We can apply shapes and contours to not only the outside of a part but also the inside, surfaces, and edges too! We do all the machining before the powder-coated MDF finish is sprayed on.
This means that you can do almost anything and still enjoy the durability and consistent quality of our powder coated finish. In addition, the coating covers every edge with no seams, so you don’t have to worry about delamination or peeling.
So go ahead, give shape to your next project. With the versatility and variety of t.fusion™ wood surfaces, you can seriously unleash your design freedom.