Powder coating on solid wood.

Deliver beauty and function in a single package.

Providing an unbeatable finish for solid wood as well as hardwood veneers, this new technology brings together the best of both worlds: the tradition and luxury of solid wood, paired with the durability and antimicrobial advantages of wood powder coating. Go beyond the warmth and elegance of natural wood with powder coated solid wood.

The style and substance of solid wood are unmistakable. From a warm hospitality setting to a crisp modern office environment, natural wood feels sophisticated and fitting. The universal appeal of its grain, from beech to birch to bamboo, seems impossible to improve upon. It’s perfect for settings from conference rooms to hotel rooms, not to mention ideal for work-from-home desks that toil well beyond your day job.

Covers Curves & Veneers

No longer are we limited to powder coating wood panels; this innovation means all shapes – turned legs, chair arms, any curve and twist – can reap the gains of powder coating. This new technology works wonders with veneers, increasing the durability of hard-working table tops and desk tops.

More Durable Than Traditional Stain

Powder coated solid wood adds all the benefits of wood powder coating to the inherent appeal of natural wood. The process is environmentally friendly and responsible. The surface is truly durable — able to withstand heavy use and frequent cleaning. 

Antimicrobial Additive

Because wood powder coating creates a totally seamless finish that covers the entire surface including edges and undersides, there are simply no cracks and crevices where germs and bacteria can accumulate. Our antimicrobial additive goes a step beyond cleanliness — the antimicrobial is embedded in the finish, constantly reducing the growth of all microbes tested to date by 99.9%.

Exclusive Technology

BTD is the only company in North America offering the technology of powder coated solid wood.

What are good applications for powder coated solid wood?

Clear and translucent finishes, including colored tints, allow the grain and glow of woods from cherry to maple to take center stage.
Specify our antimicrobial additive for an extra boost against germs.

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We collaborate closely with our powder suppliers to get powder when we need it, and we use the right technology to accommodate quick turn around times.