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For which markets can I specify powder coated wood components?

Our t.fusion™ powder coated surfaces last longer and can take use and abuse better than many traditional surfaces.They are resistant to stains and moisture and provide flexibility in shapes, finishes, and custom colors. This versatility makes powder coated wood components ideal for almost any situation. In fact, we can’t think of any place they shouldn’t be. That’s why our customers use them across office, retail store, education, healthcare, hospitality, and residential settings.

Store Fixtures & POP​
Cabinetry & Casework
Education & Healthcare
Furniture Components
Home Organization​

Office Furniture

Make Wood Powder Coating work in the workplace. No other finish gives you the flexibility to add innovative elements to your furniture. Develop sophisticated designs with sleek edge profiles or add a unique pattern to your door fronts. t.fusion is a high-quality, consistent surface finish that also feels great to the touch.

Store Fixtures & POP

Define your brand image with t.fusion’s unlimited color palette, a wide range of textures, and edge profiles. Cut your parts into virtually any shape and embellish your displays with a logo for that signature statement that sells. Enjoy complete design flexibility with wood powder components that are not only unique but also durable.

Cabinetry & Casework

Powder coating wood creates a surface that is perfect for all your cabinetry and casework products. Its ability to resist stains and moisture makes it perfect for kitchens as well as humid environments like bathrooms.


From restaurants to hotels, we’ve got you covered. Our t.fusion powder coated wood components offer you a range of surface textures, colors, and seamless shapes that work well in many environments. Make the most of a finish that is stain and moisture resistant, perfect for use in high-traffic locations. Concerned about food preparation or other sensitive areas? Ask about our antimicrobial additive.

Education & Healthcare

When health and safety is an issue, t.fusion wood powder coating comes to the rescue. Germs and bacteria simply cannot accumulate in our seamless edges, and our antimicrobial additive is available for additional protection. For even further safety, take advantage of t.fusion’s design flexibility and specify soft or rounded edges that can be achieved when powder coating wood.



Furniture Components

Durable and dependable, our products retain their beauty longer than traditional finishes. Bring your ideas to life using our design options. Think occasional tables, benches, cabinet components, and door & drawer fronts. From commercial to residential, retail to hospitality — we’ve got you covered with powder coated wood components.

Home Organization

You can make storage that’s practical and pretty. Use t.fusion powder coated wood parts in your closet components, wall panels, door and drawer fronts, and shelving to provide durable, yet cleanable, storage. And, t.fusion handles moisture and high swings in temperature with ease, so it’s perfect for garages, laundry rooms, pool rooms, locker rooms, and more.
Dirty? Wipe it down without fear of damage.

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