Hospitality: Powder coated wood serves restaurants and hotels.


The Challenge: Hard-Working Furniture for Hospitality

Powder Coat Wood – Only the strong survive working in restaurants and hotels. These spaces are made for gathering — from meetings to parties, they’re the spots where people congregate for business and fun. In today’s climate, all such spaces need to stand up to near-constant cleaning and frequent disinfection. That’s the challenge for the current hospitality industry: how to outfit these spaces with visual appeal, durability, and functionality, and easily keep them clean?

Powder coat wood furniture for durability
Powder coat wood for restrooms

The Answer: Powder Coat Wood Furniture Works Overtime

Hospitality calls for tough, attractive solutions, and powder-coated wood is the answer. Powder coat wood components check all the boxes: far more durable than traditional surfaces, resistant to stains and moisture, offered in an enormous range of colors and shapes, and available with our antimicrobial finish.

The seamless edges achieved with t.fusion finishes mean the entire surface is covered, including edges and undersides. Unlike traditional components, there are simply no cracks or crevices for germs to accumulate. Our antimicrobial additive is ideal for the high-touch areas that fill your restaurant or hotel, from tops to counters to doors. This additive, embedded in the finish, works constantly to reduce the growth of all microbes tested to date by 99.9%. Your cleaning staff is likely working overtime; our antimicrobial additive never stops in efforts to reduce germs and bacteria.

Beyond Basics: A Rainbow of Hospitality Options with Powder Coated Wood

Safety and durability is a top concern when choosing furniture components for the hospitality industry. But powder-coated wood goes beyond those vital basics, with a nearly limitless array of surface textures, colors and seamless shapes. This finish works in your design, with whatever you’ve imagined and created. Shapes, contours, edges, cut-outs — our powder-coated wood finish has you covered. 

powder coated wood tables and chairs for restaurants.