Healthcare: Powder coated wood meets the demands.


The Challenge: Healthcare Furniture Design

Healthcare facilities don’t sleep. Day, night, holidays, weekends — there is no vacation time for healthcare settings. In today’s world, with minute-by-minute changes, healthcare facilities must meet the challenges of their dedicated workers and patients. What is demanded by the furnishings and components in these settings? Safety, durability and cleanability. Powder coated wood meets and exceeds these demands.

The Answer: Powder Coated Wood Excels in Healthcare Settings

Even better than laminate, powder coated wood is deeply durable. This finish withstands 24/7 use and the intense wear and tear of the healthcare environment. Mobile carts that trundle constantly down hospital hallways, headboards that are adjusted over and over each day, nurses’ stations in continual use — surfaces with wood powder coating withstand persistent work and repeated cleanings.

Wood powder coating creates seamless finishes that cover the entire surface including edges and undersides. There are simply no cracks and crevices where germs and bacteria can accumulate, making it ideal for a huge range of healthcare components. Our antimicrobial additive is made for the high-touch areas that fill your healthcare spaces. This additive, embedded in the finish, works constantly to reduce the growth of all microbes tested to date by 99.9%. Your cleaning staff surely is working overtime; our antimicrobial additive never stops in efforts to reduce germs and bacteria.

Beyond Basics: Innovative Healthcare Design with Powder Coated Wood

Though t.fusion wood powder coating fits the bill for safety and durability, impeccably clean surfaces don’t need to be cold and uninviting. As you adapt to vast changes and new standards in your healthcare facility, wood powder coating equals the innovation of your biggest ideas. Our technology can match any color, create any shape and apply any edge. t.fusion wood powder finish offers ultimate designability, with a foundation of safety and strength, and an antimicrobial edge.