Education: Powder coated wood aces the test.

The Challenge: Tough Furniture for Education

When it comes to education, there’s one thing we can all agree on: a safe, supportive learning environment is critical. How can you provide a safe, clean learning environment, especially when circumstances and standards are constantly shifting? Picture children’s hands and fingers interacting with high-touch surfaces in classrooms, hallways, cafeterias and science labs — it’s a given that these surfaces must be durable. Cleaning is more vital than ever, so these surfaces also must be easy to disinfect and withstand frequent scrubbing.

The Answer: Powder Coated Wood Shines Throughout Your School

One product rises to these challenges in the education setting: t.fusion wood powder coating, supplying durable surfaces that are flexible for the short term and in it for the long haul, complete with antimicrobial additives to fight bacteria. Wood powder coating creates seamless finishes that cover the entire surface including edges and undersides. There are simply no cracks and crevices where germs and bacteria can accumulate, making it ideal for a huge range of educational products: tables, desks, bookcases, media carts, locker doors, more. Our antimicrobial additive is made for the high-touch areas that fill your learning space. This additive, embedded in the finish, works constantly to reduce the growth of all microbes tested to date by 99.9%. Your cleaning staff is likely working overtime; our antimicrobial finish never stops in efforts to reduce germs and bacteria.

Beyond Basics: Creative Design for Learning with Powder Coated Wood

Educators must respond to change, now more than ever. As your creativity shapes new designs and components for learning, t.fusion wood powder coating is as flexible as your innovations. Our technology can match any color, create any shape and apply any edge. t.fusion wood powder finish offers ultimate designability, with a foundation of durability and safety.