Durability Testing of Powder Coated Wood Finishes

A durable finish is a critical part of any interior furnishing. After many years of production and product comparisons, BTD has always felt its t.fusion™ wood powder coating is one of the most durable finishes available; in order to validate this experience, BTD engaged the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) to conduct scientific durability testing of its powder coated wood finishes. The preliminary results are positive and further prove the strength of powder coated wood.

Brainerd, MN (PRWEB)

BTD Wood Powder Coating continually invests to stay on the cutting edge. Customers in various markets from office furniture to point of purchase displays frequently provide positive feedback about the durability of BTD’s powder coated wood finishes. In order to validate this feedback scientifically, BTD engaged the NRRI to conduct product testing.

Founded in 1983, the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) specializes in testing natural resource-based products and is widely respected within both industry and academia. The organization maintains a variety of testing equipment, including the equipment required to conduct thorough durability tests on BTD’s powder coated medium density fiberboard (MDF).

Given the NRRI’s expertise in testing natural resource-based products, BTD made the decision to work with them for scratch testing, mar testing, and abrasion resistance evaluation of BTD’s proprietary t.fusion™ wood powder coating. The NRRI employs industry-standard testing equipment such as the Hoffman stylus for scratch testing and the Taber method for abrasion testing. “The NRRI proved to be a great choice for BTD. They are independent, thorough, and rooted in research. We knew the results would be both objective and reliable,” stated Craig Fast, BTD’s Vice President of Operations.

Initial results are positive. “We are very pleased that the testing corresponds with our experience. NRRI test results show that our finish is extremely durable; for example, the testing showed our t.fusion™ powder coated MDF is more abrasion resistant than laminate finishes. And this finding is in addition to the fact that our powder coated wood components have no seams to peel or crack—the durability of t.fusion™ encapsulates the entire part. As we speak, the NRRI continues testing to further validate preliminary results,” said Craig Martin, BTD’s President.

BTD submitted a variety of finish styles and colors for testing, including both textured and smooth surfaces. According to Craig Fast, “Our goal is to establish test results for a cross section of our range of offerings. We produce a wide variety of powder finishes to satisfy customer demands, and we want our customers to know that what they are receiving is proven to be dependable.”

BTD Wood Powder Coating, Inc. is a full service wood powder coating company based in Brainerd, MN. The company specializes in interior furnishings for such industries as office and healthcare furniture, point of purchase displays, and many other applications requiring a durable and high quality finish. BTD manufactures all of its products at its advanced factory in Brainerd.

More detailed durability test results can be obtained from BTD once testing is complete.