Powder coating on hardwoods.
Our new technology brings together the best of both worlds: the tradition and luxury of solid wood, paired with the durability and antimicrobial advantages of wood powder coating.

Antimicrobial additive.

Help ensure the safety of your environments with our antimicrobial additive — it is embedded right in the finish, works 24/7, and has 99.9% efficacy in test results.

We make powder coated wood components.

Specify our powder coated wood components in your commercial design projects for a finish like no other. Perfect for furniture and cabinetry in office, healthcare, education, hospitality, and store fixture/POP projects.
Easy to keep clean.
With our seamless finish, germs and bacteria simply can't collect in any cracks or crevices.

Love the earth? So do we.

100% recycled wood. No VOCs, HAPs, or PVCs. See how t.fusion™ is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We are FSC certified for LEEDS programs and have been specified for the Living Building Challenge (requires FSC and no redlist ingredients).

Wood powder coating with t.fusion

At BTD Wood Powder Coating, we provide powder coated MDF wood and hardwood components finished in our unique t.fusion™ powder coating.

Specify t.fusion™ wood powder coating in your designs for a high quality, extremely durable, and attractive finish that’s easy to clean and cannot be duplicated with HPL laminate, melamine, or liquid paint wood finishes.

t.fusion™ powder coated wood is an environmentally friendly choice — ask us about specifying NAUF and FSC® Certified MDF (FSC-C126714) with t.fusion™ in your LEED or Living Building Challenge projects.



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Easy to Keep Clean

With our seamless finish, germs and bacteria simply can't collect in cracks or crevices.

Unlimited Design Options

Match any color and create any shape. Just send us a drawing, and we'll make it.

Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating produces no VOCs, HAPs or PVCs. Plus, we use 100% recycled wood.

Greater Longevity

Our powder coating finish is stronger than liquid paint and doesn't peel, chip, or delaminate like other finishes.

5 amazing finishes, plus an antimicrobial additive

With t.fusion™ coatings, you get the look and feel of liquid paint, but with more durability and at a better price. Choose from our exciting variety of t.fusion™ finishes to achieve exactly the look you’re after for your wood powder coated components.

Where can I use wood powder coated components?

In our full-service manufacturing facility, we powder coat MDF components suitable for use in modern wood furniture design projects such as office, healthcare, education, hospitality, residential, store fixtures/POP, and cabinetry.

Design what you want, not what you can.

Match any color

Choose any color — we’ll match it! Our RAL/PMS color matching recreates exact hues or can be used to customize a color unique to your project.

Create any shape

With our state-of-the-art CNC technology, we can apply shapes and contours to not only the outside of a part but also the inside AND the surfaces, too! 

Apply any edge

Because we spray our powder coating to the entire component, we can apply edge contours — which means you’re not restricted to boring, flat edges.

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Need it done quickly?

We collaborate closely with our powder suppliers to get powder when we need it, and we use the right technology to accommodate quick turn around times.