Powder coated wood simply can’t delaminate.

Our t.fusion™  MDF finish coats the entire component with no seams, and therefore simply cannot delaminate. You won’t experience edge peeling
or chipping, and you’ll be thrilled about its authentic look and feel.

Our wood coatings are:

  • Authentic looking–no plastics or vinyls
  • Seamless–the finish is sprayed over the entire part. You’ll have no delamination or places for germ buildup
  • Designable–add intricate design details including cutouts, bullnose and knife edges, or designs in the face of a part
  • Color friendly–choose any color you like, we’ll match it
  • Durable–the coating wraps the edges, so no edge chipping or peeling
  • Healthy and Safe–Perfect for settings where health and safety is a concern.

Specify our optional antimicrobial additive for an extra boost against germs.