Be on the forefront of design and technology with
t.fusion™ powder coated wood components.

Our t.fusion™ wood powder coating is one of the strongest finishes available, making it
perfect for a wide variety of applications. With its awesome designability and unlimited
color choices, the sky is the limit with what you can do with t.fusion™ powder coated
wood (MDF) components. With t.fusion™ coatings, you get the look and feel of liquid
paint, but with more durability and at a better price. Take advantage of our
state-of-the-art technology to apply complex shapes, contours and profiles to your
MDF parts with absolutely no delamination or edgeband peel!

Wood Powder Coating Color and Design Samples

What is t.fusion™?

BTD Wood Powder Coating’s t.fusion™ coating is a powder coated finish applied to MDF that can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as furniture components, displays and cabinet fronts. Using a revolutionary technology, we thermally fuse and cross link custom color polymers to an MDF substrate. The process results in an exceptionally strong bond for a finish that lasts. Our technology allows us to create a high quality, consistent surface finish in a wide range of textures and sheens that are not only gorgeous, but feel great to the touch, too.

Compare t.fusion™ to paint, HPL Laminate, thermofoil and melamine.

t.fusion™ is superior to other wood finishes: it is more attractive, more durable and more environmentally friendly than liquid paint, melamine, HPL laminate or thermofoil – yet it is more economical than solid surface options. Powder coated wood finished with t.fusion™ does not peel or chip like liquid paint and because our coating is seamless, you simply cannot experience delamination or edgeband separation. t.fusion™ can withstand high degrees of temperature change and exposure to moisture, and it holds up beautifully in high traffic areas.

Need it done quickly?

We collaborate closely with our powder suppliers to get powder when we need it, and we use the right technology to accommodate quick turn around times. Email us today to discuss your project schedule.