t.fusion™ Video Series

We’ve compiled a series of videos to help you better understand what you can do with t.fusion™ coatings from BTD Wood Powder Coating.
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The process that creates t.fusion™ coatings:

What are t.fusion™ coatings?

Love the earth? So do we.

Ask about using t.fusion™ in your LEED projects.

Just how tough is t.fusion™ powder coated wood?

Here’s an extreme example of how it holds up to wear and tear.

Making it work in the workplace.

See why t.fusion™ powder coated wood is a perfect choice
for office furniture designers.

Compare t.fusion™ coatings to laminate.

Wood powder coating is more durable. There are
no seams, no chipping and no delamination.

Compare t.fusion™ coatings to liquid paint.

Compare t.fusion™ coatings to thermofoil.