Powder Coated Wood Finish for FurnitureShapes & Contours with Wood Powder Coating

Waterfall edges? Cut-outs? Logos? No problem.

Take advantage of our abilities to prepare your wood substrates in almost any style you like. We can apply shapes and contours to not only the outside of a part, but also the inside, the surfaces, and the edges too! We do all preparation before the wood powder coat is sprayed on.

This means that you can do almost anything and still enjoy the durability and consistent quality of our powder coated finish. In addition, the coating covers every edge with no seams, so you don’t have to worry about delamination or peeling.

So go ahead, give shape to your next project. With the versatility and variety of t.fusion™ powder coated wood surfaces, you can seriously unleash your design freedom.

Surface Routing

We use automated CNC machines to route nearly any path on the surface of a panel. Simply send us your shape in an electronic file and our machines do the work. We have router bits starting at 1/8″ diameter, so you can design patterns from simple to intricate.

–3D contours for embossed or etched look
–Surface routing
–Organic or geometric designs


Think outside the box! Our powder coated finish is seamless, making it possible for you to apply shapes to the outside of a part and to the inside. So go ahead, create a kidney bean shaped table top, add grommet holes, or route a door frame for a glass insert.

–Sweeping shapes and curves
–Rounded corners
–Inside cutouts
–Tight inside radii

Edge profiles

The design is in the details. Apply edge profiles and shapes to the edges of the panels too. Our powder coated finish is sprayed on and wraps around all edges, so unlike laminate or melamine, there are no seams that can come unglued or peel away.

–Eased, bevel or knife edges
–Stepped and waterfall edges
–Bull-nose and ogee edges
–Other contoured edges — just ask!


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