Ultimate Designability in Wood
Powder Coating

Discover design freedom with the flexibility to create unique
yet durable MDF products. Define shapes, create custom edge profiles, and pick a color, any color! With our color matching system, you can specify any color in a wide range
of finishes to get exactly the look you’re after.

The powder coated MDF finish is seamless, making it possible to not only apply shapes to the outside of a component, but also to the inside, the surfaces
and the edges.

Wood Finish Design Options

Take advantage of our advanced CNC controlled technology to create precise contours, cutouts or three dimensional surface designs for an embossed or etched look.

Our t.fusion™ wood powder finish is applied uniformly to every surface, so there is no edgebanding, separation or delamination that can be problematic with finishes such as HPL laminate, thermofoil or melamine.