Powder Coating Colors for Wood FinishPowder Coated MDF Colors

With t.fusion™ powder coated wood from BTD, choose whatever color you want — we’ll match it! BTD’s RAL/PMS color matching recreates the exact hue you want or can be used to customize a color unique to your project.  Choose any color or non-color:

  • PMS/RAL color
  • clear on MDF
  • tints and translucents

You can also specify layered, multiple-color finishes for rich, deep-looking color effects such as:

  • metallics
  • hammertones
  • veining effect

Wood Powder Coating Color Samples

How can you be sure your color is an exact match?

True color matching can’t be done with the naked eye. That’s why we use equipment that measures color on a scale of L (black to white), a (red to green) and b (yellow to blue). We record target colors and measure each production run with the same equipment and compare to the master reading. The overall variance of the Lab readings is measured in ∆E (Delta E). BTD’s standard is to be within 1 ∆E. Want to know more? Email us today

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