Powder Coated MDF Finishes & Textures

Choose from our exciting variety of t.fusion™  finishes to achieve exactly the look you’re after for your wood powder coated components:


t.fusion finishes come in a variety of textures and sheens.

t.fusion finishes come in a variety of textures and sheens.

texture provides a tactile finish that is perfect in areas that endure a lot of handling. Specify in a range of gloss levels and in the color of your choice. Read more >>

fine.texture is the power house of finishes. It works well in high traffic areas and is smooth enough to write on. UV resistance makes it great for window fixtures. Read more >>

smooth is super versatile – the best of form and function. Superior moisture, stain and chemical resistance make it an all-around winner. Read more >>

smooth.plus (patent pending) gives you the authentic look and feel of a painted finish. Read more >>

<strong>specialty</strong> finishes include metals and hammertones.specialty</strong> finishes include metals and hammertones.

specialty finishes include metals and hammertones.

ultra.smooth (ultra.smooth U.S. Patent 8,721,396) looks like acrylic but is made with our eco-friendly powders. The high gloss finish is perfect when you want to make a statement. Read more >>

specialty finishes include metallics, clear coat, hammertones and veins. Create visual interest with effects unique to a powder coated finish. Read more >>


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